01 January 2015

My Top 10 Travel Moments of 2014


In 2014 I visited Marocco, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Malta, Portugal again and Germany again. It all started in February in Marrakech where I was deeply shocked by the poor and dirty streets of Old Medina where I lived for a couple of days. Then I went to the High Atlas Mountains to see the second biggest waterfalls of Africa and afterwards rushed straight to the Sahara Desert to spend there one night in a tent. In March I was learning Ski Running in beautiful mountains of Norway. In April I decided to make a solo road tripping along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I started and ended my journey in Napoli where I had a memorable encounter with the Mafia. In the end of June I flew to Portugal to find there my second home (minha segunda casa). I crossed this country from the south to the north and fell in love with wild and sandy beaches of Costa Vicentina. In August I was discovering Malta by old-stylish local buses and finally saw the famous colourful boats all decorated with the Osiris Eye for better winds. In October I was back again to Lisboa to photograph fado musicians. I spent my birthday in November in Berlin rediscovering the eastern part of this city. And I was back there again in December for the Chrtistmas Market to catch wonderful festive atmosphere. It is so difficult to choose only 10 travel moments out of all these beautiful experiences. 


1. Staying overnight in a tent and watching the sunrise in Sahara Desert in Marocco 


I have never seen so many millions of stars before ... It was such an amazing experience although I didn't sleep a wink a whole night because I was so afraid of wild animals living in a desert and it was so cold in the night (2 blankets and a warm jacket were not enough). Anyway it was worth it cause early morning right after 6 AM I could experience and photograph the most beaitiful sunrise I have ever seen in my entire life. 





2. Umbrellas in PORTUGAL 


While visiting Portugal - this was on my must see list. I found them in the streets of Setubal and Agueda. 




3. Fado Evening in LISBOA 


The fate of love ... only deeply understood by those who ever suffered from unfulfilled love ... 




4. Ski running at the sunset in NORWAY 


Extensive white fields with running trails and the sunset ... it was one of the most magical moments ever. I was hosted by warm and friendly Norwegians in their cosy house. And these were my first lessons of ski running and my first attempts not to fall down over and over again. 




5. Paying tribute to the victims of Utoya massacre in NORWAY 


I stood there, had tears in my eyes and still could feel such a dread. 




6. Living my Dreams in NAZARE, PORTUGAL 


This place calls to everyone: Live Your Dreams !!! As I have been chasing my dreams all my life - I felt I was totally in a right place. And all the magic happened to me here ... 




7. Finding my private paradise in COSTA VICENTINA, PORTUGAL 


Wild sandy beaches and no people. Paths marked by big shells. The sound of ocean in my ears while falling asleep in a cosy Ikea bed. Empty love benches on the cliffs. I found my private paradise and I am moving there in a couple of years !!! 




8. My solo road tripping in italian style along the Amalfi Coast in ITALY 


I had such a fun driving a car in an italian style, listening to the Italian radio very loud, honking whenever I wanted to and stopping my car in the middle of the streets wherever I needed to take a picture. 



I can't resist to mention here my visit to Napoli where my solo road tripping began and all that rubbish lying in the streets and my memorable encounter with 2 gangs of Neapolitan Mafia. 




9.  Discovering MALTA by old-stylish local buses 



And the famous colourful boats: 




10. Christmas Market in BERLIN  


I visited Christmas Market in Berlin to catch the wonderful festive atmosphere. I was so delighted by all the lights and christmas decorations. From now I will be visiting christmas markets every year in all european cities.